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Social Security

Social security

Social Security Disability Application

If you have not yet filed an application, my law office may assist you in doing so. If your application was denied and you wish to file an appeal, have already filed and requested a hearing with a Social Security judge or you are simply considering whether to appeal, I may be able to help. Without obligation, your case can be evaluated and a recommendation made regarding further action. 
Social security

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD)

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) helps those who have worked long enough, paying into Social Security, but because of an illness or injury, have been unable to work, or expect to be unable to work, for a year or longer. 

When an application is filed, Social Security will gather your medical records and may send you to one of its own doctors for more details on your health condition. 

If you are eligible for SSD, you will become eligible for Medicare after a period of time. Your minor children may receive benefits as well.

I have been focused on representing clients throughout the SSD and SSI process for nearly 25 years. I work to make sure all relevant medical information and evidence is obtained and all medical conditions that affect your ability to work are considered. 

When I am retained as your attorney, I will take steps to obtain the crucial information that Social Security needs to understand your medical or psychological condition and its impact on your ability to work. We will discuss the availability of evidence from persons that know you best and who might help a judge understand how your condition has changed your life. We will work together to develop a strategy that will give your case the best opportunity for success before the Social Security judge.
Social security

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSI is another program by Social Security to provide financial benefits to individuals with disabilities even if they haven’t worked long enough to qualify for SSDI benefits. SSI is also granted to people who have very limited income and assets. 

The medical requirements for SSI and SSD are same.

See my ''Frequently Asked Questions” page for additional information on Social Security and the SSD process.
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