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Supporting Your Social Security Disability Claim

You will always receive personal attention from the law office of Jeffrey L. Greenwald. Whether you’re seeking SSD or SSI, I will work to fight for your rights and the benefits you deserve.

I have been helping people obtain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits since 1977. 

I understand the importance of SSD and SSI benefits to the lives of those involved and their families, and am determined to fight for my claimants to the best of my abilities.

My knowledge and experience within the Social Security Disability system can be the difference you need while fighting your case.
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You also need someone you can count on to be there when you have questions – someone you've met with face-to-face and who will be with you through the entire process. You need someone who knows the local landscape – the workers in the Social Security offices, the doctors whose information is so important to your case, and the judges who will be deciding your case.

Representation should not be an “800” phone number on cable TV; representation should be with an attorney whose law office you know you can count on because you've had the opportunity to meet across a table, get to know, and feel comfortable telling your story.
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No Recovery, No Fee

Cases are accepted on a contingency basis – there is no fee unless your case is successful and benefits are awarded to you.

I personally represent all my clients, meeting with every client multiple times, and regularly speak with clients regarding their medical condition and treatment throughout the entire process.

Contact my law office today to discuss your circumstances, even if you have not yet applied. Please call at 610-351-1551-8700
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